Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

Tell Your Story At Toastmasters

Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

David Hughes, DTM
District 73

Everyone has a story, yet not everyone tells a story well. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because of doubt, fear, or reluctance. Perhaps it’s because we think our story is not worth telling, and even if we tell it, no one will be interested. Perhaps also, it’s because we’ve never learned the structure of story-telling.

There is a way you can learn to tell your story, much like I learned to tell mine, but more of that later.

Since time immemorial, we humans have told stories to each other; to express feelings; to describe living conditions; to warn of danger; to share information; to be remembered and to leave a legacy.

My story, like your story needs to be told, for I was here as you were, and we were part of the history of mankind. Since the beginning; whether because of creation or the big bang, we were part of the whole thing, and if we don’t share our experience, then the whole thing cannot be recorded in its entirety. I want to hear your story as I hope one day you can hear mine.

The storytellers of old were unique, like you and I are unique. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, and Confucius told their stories, as did Homer, Plato, Tolstoy, and Dickens, and readers are enthralled, engaged and repeating what they’ve read..

Like us they had something to say; something to teach, and something of value to give to the generations that followed, in the hope that it would be useful, and worthy of retelling. Like you and I, they were born, lived daily lives, saw good times and bad, laughed and cried and were interested and curious about our life, careful to record it, and constantly asked,  what, why, when, how, who and where.

If you believe your story is not valuable; think again. You are part of the whole, and you are worthy of being listened to.

Storytelling is a craft and there are lessons to be learned that you can learn.

Every great story has location, plot, characters, conflict, dialogue, problem and resolution. Read any novel and the same concepts come up. Love; Hate; Intrigue; Conflict; Place and time. Each story begins and ends, and is a slice of the whole thing; and the whole thing is the history and times of the human race.

There are seven billion of us on our planet today, and you and me, are just two. Yet like the great story-tellers who came before, we will come before others and our story may be as valuable to them, as the stories we have heard, read or seen from those who came before us.

Write it down, and tell your story to your friends, to your children, and to the world. Oh, and if you want to practice your story telling, do like I did, and join Toastmasters. It’s the only organisation where you can get a story-telling skill set, practice and feedback.

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