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Welcome to Reverberation 2017

Reverberation 2017, The Semi Annual Conference of District 82, Toastmasters International which is going to be held in Namma Chennai on December 1,2 & 3, 2017.

Reverberation 2017 is a unique, brilliantly tailored 3 day conference, which is going to present you lasting memories with laugh-until-you-cry humorous speeches and Constructive-Positive Evaluation and enlightening education sessions with 8 speakers in all possible speech forms, from a multitude of seemingly unconnected paths like writing, entrepreneurship, creativity, just to name a few, exclusively for you and the one dot that connect‌s them all is leadership.

This extravagant event will bring together over 700 Toastmasters from across Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to teach, learn, share and Connect.
Come witness the grandest conference with the gorgeous simplicity; Make timeless memories which are beyond pictures to be captured, beyond words to be written and beyond the breadth and width to be measured!

Come, Join Reverberation 2017, Where memories are made!


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