The Toastmasters Fun Rally – GET TO THE POINT is all set to launch on the 22nd October 2017 as a District PR initiative engaging the Toastmasters of District 82 and bringing a dream of our District Director, DTM Ajantha Jayawardena to life.get_to_the_point_logo_with_tagline


“Educate the values of Toastmasters to the masses in Sri Lanka”


“To create brand awareness of what Toastmasters is about while having fun and excitement outside the conventional club environment”


  1. Promote Toastmasters & the existence of Toastmasters to the General Public
  2. To Create Brand Awareness of Toastmasters
  3.  To engage with other fellow Toastmasters while enjoying the thrill of the Rally

The rally

  • ‘Get to the Point’ is a TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) Fun Rally with Time, Speed and Distance being equally critical.
  • The rally is supported by the Professionals at Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR) who will be handling the technicalities of the rally.
  • The route is approximately 125 kilometers going into the suburbs of Colombo with 12-15 checkpoints along the way.
  • There will be a Closing time for each check-point & the team needs to reach the point within the time.
  • The start time of the Rally is 2.00pm while the end time is 7.30pm with refreshments available throughout.
  • The positions are calculated based on On-time performance & Debits are added for any deviation from the set time.
  • The team who has the least amount of Debit points will be the winner.

The Team

  • A team will be consisting of 4 Members with a minimum 2 Toastmasters and the rest can be non-Toastmasters
  • There is no limitations on the team members and can be inter-club or even inter-nation !
  • The four designated roles are;
  • Driver
  • Navigator
  • PR Lead – The window of the team providing the insight of all the happenings back to the venue. Is responsible to ensure the best coverage for the team during the rally along the route
  • Coordinator – Will be in-charge of the overall activities for the 4 member team in the vehicle; including, Taking on the Fun Challenges put up along the route

The Venue

  • The venue for the event will be the vicinity of the Independence Square and the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI)
  • The venue will be abuzz with a hive of activities from the launch of the vehicles at 2.00pm
  • This includes Video feeds from the vehicles, DJ, Food, action stations and many more avenues of entertainment.


There will be Unlimited entries per club under the below categories & Clubs can combine to form


Category 1– Jeep/ Double Cabs

Category 2– Cars/Vans – Above 1000CC

Category 3– Cars  – Below 1000CC


  • Registration will be through the Division Registration Chairs & via the D82 website while the entry fee per team is LKR 8,000
    • The tentative closing date is 30nd Sep. However the slots which is only a maximum of 40 will be given on a first come first serve basis.
  • The confirmation of registration is only once the payment is complete and do note that the payment is Non-refundable.
  • The registrations will open very soon and keep an eye to grab the slots.
  • Branded T-shirts will be provided for eachTeam including their team names, Free-of-Charge.

Other Conditions

  • 2 valid Sri Lankan Driving licenses per team are required
  • GPS/ Tracing devices are allowed & Rally meters can be downloaded to aid navigation
  • Calling and obtaining instructions is not allowed
  • Shoes and safely clothes are mandatory for all team members
  • Each vehicle will be given removable branding stickers for the event
  • Do note that Road safety & following Road rules is the responsibility of the Driver
  • The Organizing committee will not be responsible for any damages to the Vehicle or property resulting from any incident
  • With regard to Protests, all protests are to be raised to the Organizing committee and the final discretion is with the Organizing committee


For further details please contact

Ishfaaq – (+94 77 9951574)

Fawaz – (+94 77 7303384).

For Registrations please click the below link: Click here



For Sponsorship opportunities & options please contact

Nufail: +94 77 2131515 

Hisham: +94 77 3644241

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How would a rally aid in promoting Toastmasters?

Firstly it is through the creation of awareness of Toastmasters and reaching out to the masses who have the potential to join the movement yet have not heard of it.

Secondly it is via the engagement of Non-Toastmasters, i.e.: Friends and relatives of Toastmasters for the event itself.

Thirdly the engagement of Toastmasters at the Checkpoints along the way in getting the message across, will aid in retaining members who will have a taste of the excitement offered by Toastmasters while providing an outlet to non-members to meet members in the vicinity of the clubs and build bridges.

  • Can members from Tamil Nadu of D82 take part.?

Yes. Our colleagues from Tamil Nadu are most welcome to be a part of the fun. The only restriction being the Driver Role of a team is to be taken up by a valid SriLankan driving license holder.

  • Can I rally if I have no previous experience?

Yes. This is intended to be a ‘fun’ rally and anyone with no prior experience can participate and go on to win the event.

  • I have never rally before will I get a chance to know?

There will be a session organized for the team members on the previous Saturday to brief on the Rules, the Route and the Basics. So any and every question can be forwarded to these professionals.

  • What is the PR member of the Team supposed to do.?

He will be the voice and window of the team feeding the updates from the vehicle to the venue. This is primarily by way of capturing and transfer of clips of 15-30s via WhatsApp.

  • Is there any coverage of the event in case I want to follow?

Yes the event is planned to be broadcast via SLARDAR TV and will be streamed worldwide.

  • I’m not a part of the team. Can I attend?

The event is open to all and the entry to the event premises will be allowed at a nominal fee for the public to cheer their teams or just enjoy the event.

  • Will families and kids have anything to do at the event?

Yes. In fact there are a few activities at the venue planned exclusively for kids.

  • What’s in it for us?

In addition to the numerous awards, trophies and prizes up for grabs not only for the Teams but also for the participants, this one of a kind event filled with thrills and spills combined with the skills of Toastmasters  is an experience not to be missed.