Let's BEAT the CLOCK

Let’s BEAT the CLOCK & have some fun!

Hello Toastmasters!


Suganthi Periyasamy, DTM

Are you ready to BEAT the CLOCK?

It’s fun time, again! Meeting people as guests and subsequently welcoming them as your clubs members is fun and gratifying, isn’t it?

Add 5 new/dual/reinstated members between May 1st and June 30th to win the “Beat the clock” membership building ribbon.

Please find attached a flyer that could be used to promote this membership building opportunity among club members.

Let’s BEAT the CLOCK!

Request you to please read the following guidelines thoroughly. It is disheartening when we lose an award through a small mistake.

I had shared similar guidelines for Smedley and Talk up Toastmasters. However, many clubs added members outside the membership award window, thus not qualifying for the award.

Beat the CLOCK:

  1. The award start date is May 1st and last date is June 30th 2017.
  2. In order to qualify for the award, the club must add and PAY for 5 new or dual or reinstated  (total of 5 members in any combination mentioned above).
  3. Transfer members are NOT counted towards this award.
  4. Members must be added only between May 1st and June 30th – not before  May 1st or after June 30th.
  5. PAYMENT must be completed by June 30th. Adding members in Club central by June 30th and paying on July 1st will not qualify your club for this award.
  6. Memberships added by June 30th but with July 1st as membership start date will not qualify for this award, even if payment is completed before June 30th.
  7. Payments can be done through Credit card or Wire transfer. Once payment is completed, please review the club membership roster to see if the newly added member’s name is present.
  8. If your club is doing a wire transfer for payment for these 5 members, please ensure that the payment reaches Toastmasters International well ahead of June 30th so that the amount gets credited into your club account with TI and subsequently credited against the respective individual. As June is a very busy time due to year end processing, it is best to complete the wire transfer at the latest by June 15th.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to connect with the CGD team.

All the best!

Best Regards

Suganthi Periasamy, DTM
Club Growth Director – District 82
Toastmasters International

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