District Officer Elections 2018

An important part of Toastmasters training is learning about leadership, and the best way to become skilled at leadership is to experience it. Choosing leaders or choosing to be a leader begins at nomination and at the ballot.

Note: All information published in this page are as received from DTM Sudash Liyanage, District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair 2018. For any queries or clarifications related to nominations, please write to DTM Sudash Liyanage @ liyanagesudash@gmail.com

  • Elections will be conducted for the posts of

District Director (DD),

Program Quality Director (PQD),

Club Growth Director (CGD) and

Division Directors (DDs) only.

  • Any eligible candidate can contest.
  • Nominations Window has officially closed, but there is still time for any candidate to stand on the floor on the day of the election.
  • Even Floor Candidates can Campaign, have a booth at the Candidate’s Corner and take part in the Candidate’s Showcase.

Venue : Sri Lanka Foundation, Colombo
Date : 11th May, 2018
Time : 9:00 AM (tentatively)

District Leadership Committee Report 2018-2019

Nomination Slate

To view the Biography

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Suganthi Periyasamy

Suganthi Periyasamy

District Director
Sarmaa Mahalingam

Sarmaa Mahalingam

Srianthie Salgado

Srianthie Salgado

K L Saliya De Silva

K L Saliya De Silva

Division A Director
Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Division B Director
Udeni Gnanaweera

Udeni Gnanaweera

Division C Director
Karthikeyan Arumugam

Karthikeyan Arumugam

Division D Director
Dilrukshi Rajapakse

Dilrukshi Rajapakse

Division E Director
Zaidh Naushard

Zaidh Naushard

Division F Director
kanapathippillai Pirabakaran

kanapathippillai Pirabakaran

Division F Director
Balachandra Nathella

Balachandra Nathella

Division G Director
Lawrance Madapatha

Lawrance Madapatha

Division H Director
Kapila H K Mithraratne

Kapila H K Mithraratne

Division H Director
Satish Menon

Satish Menon

Division I Director
Moditha Attanagoda

Moditha Attanagoda

Division J Director
Gayathri C G

Gayathri C G

Division K Director
Satish Vachaspathi

Satish Vachaspathi

Division K Director

Adarsh Bhaskar

Adarsh Bhaskar

Division L Director

All candidates have been interviewed by the DLC Members and evaluated on the following parameters;

  • Leadership Acumen
  • Management, Team Building & Communication skills
  • Toastmasters Knowledge
  • Toastmasters Service and Experience
  • Membership and Club Building Strength
  • Possess of Critical Competencies required for the position
  • Commitment to Role and Time availability at their Disposal
  • Eligibility towards the Role & Passion towards the movement

Members of the DLC were entrusted to interview candidates without Prejudice and to vote for a candidate of their choice, who fulfills the best of the above given parameters out of all applied candidates for the respective positions.

This time, we had 12 members on the committee representing all Divisions of the District. Their votes have been collated and candidates who scored more than minimum percentage were selected to feature as a Nominated Candidate on the District’s Official Slate.

The final District’s Official Slate is the DLC’s Report of the Candidates who have been officially nominated to the respective office by the committee, which is published on District Website.


Floor Nominations can still be accepted until/ on the day of the election by the District Director, for anyone who wishes to be nominated or nominate someone else. All potential/intended Floor Candidates also have equal opportunities to reach out to Voting Member’s and a right to campaign, as per the Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections.

Campaign Information (Do’s and Dont’s)

  • Campaign Communications
  1. A campaign communication is any message, in any form (such as phone calls, postal mail, email and facsimile) unsolicited by the recipient that promotes or publicizes a candidate.
  1. Photographs, audio, video, and electronic representations in all campaign materials and displays and on the candidate’s website and social networking profiles, related to this campaign may be of the candidate only; no other persons are permitted. All candidates are responsible for obtaining written permission for any quotes and testimonials used in candidate campaign materials and displays, on websites and social networking profiles. Proof of written permission may be requested for review by the district director.
  2. Unsolicited subscriptions to information by or about a candidate are not permitted.
  1. Communications by the district in connection with a candidate’s presentation at a district conference, and internal communication among campaign team members, are not considered campaign communications.
  2. The District Director provides contact information to nominated candidates and floor candidates only after receiving their Officer Agreement and Release Statement.
    1. Only district council members’ contact information is provided.
    2. The contact information may only be used for campaign purposes.
  1. District candidates shall only send two campaign communications. These communications may only be sent to members of the district council:
    1. The first communication may be sent between January 1 and March 31.
    2. The second communication may be sent between the announcement of the DLC results and      the district council’s annual meeting.
  2. Candidates may have a website and use social media to promote their candidacy. No district or club social media sites or websites may be used to promote any individual candidate. District and club websites may list the nominated candidates.
  1. Candidates are prohibited from participating in Toastmasters-related discussion groups on websites, including social networking sites, for campaign purposes.
  1. District candidates may use the Toastmasters trademarks, including the logo and the names “Toastmasters” and “Toastmasters International,” on printed and electronic campaign materials, websites and social media sites. Use of the trademarks on any other items requires the written permission of the Chief Executive Officer.
  1. Candidates may not produce or distribute any wearable campaign items (such as buttons, pins, hats, sashes, apparel, etc.).
  1. At district conferences and district non-election meetings (such as area and division speech contests), nominated candidates and floor candidates may only distribute and display campaign materials in the Candidates’ Corner (if there is a Candidates’ Corner). Candidates or their representatives are responsible for the delivery, set-up, and removal of materials.
  1. At district non-election meetings (such as area and division speech contests), candidates may be introduced as long as all candidates present are introduced.
  1. Candidates may not host hospitality suites at any district event or contribute to a district hospitality suite. A hospitality suite is defined as a room where refreshments are provided and attendance is open to any member.
  1. District officer candidates may speak and give educational presentations at district conferences, at a time other than during the district council’s annual meeting, at the discretion of the district director.
    1. All candidates must receive equal opportunity.
    2. The time, place, and length of presentation are identified by the district director.
  2. Candidates may not present campaign speeches at any district non-election meeting, or campaign at any club meetings.
  1. Advertisements in district publications, such as in newsletters, in conference programs, or on websites, by or on behalf of candidates for district office are not permitted.
  1. The names of floor candidates are not published with the DLC report or in any other district publication.
  • Candidate Endorsements
  1. District executive committee members shall not take any action to endorse or officially support any district officer candidate; however, district executive committee members who are running for district office may campaign on their own behalf.
  1. International officer and director candidates, members of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors and region advisors may not take any action to endorse or support any candidate for district office.
  1. All candidates must obtain written permission for any endorsements (i.e., quotes and testimonials) used in candidate campaign materials and displays, and on websites. Proof of written permission may be requested for review by the district director.
  • Campaign Violations
  1. Candidates are responsible for ensuring campaign supporters are familiar with campaign policies. Candidates acknowledge that violation of policies and protocols may result in consequences.
    1. A level-one violation is a minor infraction that is usually correctable (for example: posting a photo of someone other than the candidate on the candidate’s website).
      1. The violation is reported to the district director, who investigates the matter. If the district director cannot resolve the matter, it is turned over to the district executive committee.
      2. The candidate is educated and informed about the violation. When the matter is resolved, there are no further ramifications.
    2. A level-two violation is one involving the election process or a continuing violation (for example: candidate makes a promise of future district executive committee action in exchange for votes).
      1. The violation is reported to the district director, who investigates the matter or assigns the investigation to the district executive committee.
      2. The district executive committee may enact these penalties:
        1. An announcement of the violation is made prior to the election. This announcement occurs at an appropriate time and place or on the district’s website as determined by the district executive committee.
        2. A letter of censure may be issued to the candidate by the district executive committee.
    3. A level-three violation is one of campaign ethics (for example: candidate actively engaging in or promoting the violation of Toastmasters bylaws, policy or protocol).
      1. A violation is reported to the district director, who investigates the matter or assigns the investigation to the district executive committee.
      2. The district executive committee may enact these penalties:
        1. Any or all penalties for level-two violations.
        2. Request that a candidate withdraw from candidacy.
        3. Engage in further discipline following the processes outlined in Protocol 3.0: District Procedure to Discipline a Member.
  2. Discipline, related to campaign violations, that is administered by the district executive committee may be appealed to the district council. The district council’s decision is final. Such decisions may not be appealed to the Toastmasters International Board of Directors or World Headquarters. However, the Board of Directors may, on its own initiative, review the district’s decision and reach a different conclusion in the best interests of Toastmasters International, its member clubs or individual members.
  1. After the nominations are published, any proven candidate policy violations must be shared with the district leadership committee chair. Such violations may be disclosed at the district council’s annual meeting by the DLC chair or district director. If any violations are disclosed at the meeting, all violations of equal level must be disclosed at the meeting.
  1. Candidates’ Showcase
  1. At the district conference, it is recommended that a Candidates’ Showcase occur before the district council’s annual meeting.
  1. Prior to the district conference, the district director appoints members to serve as chair and co-chair of the Candidates’ Showcase. Other members are assigned as needed.
  1. Each candidate is given equal time to be interviewed by the chair based on questions related to the achievement of the district mission.
  1. The presentation schedule, with the names of all nominated candidates and known floor candidates for district office, is prepared by the district’s administration manager.
  1. There is no census or poll taken of the delegates at a Candidates’ Showcase.
  1. Proxies and Credentials
  1. District proxies and voting are governed by the District Administrative Bylaws, Article X, Sections (d) and (e).
  2. The district director sends a credential or proxy form to each club president and vice president education 30 days before a district council annual meeting in the district newsletter or in a separate mailing.
  3. Proxies are valid only for in-person meetings.
  1. Prior to the district council annual meeting, the district director appoints a credentials chair to supervise the credentials, voting and ballot counting processes. The credentials chair may select members to form a credentials committee.
  1. The credentials chair is, when practicable, a past district director.
  1. The credentials chair obtains a list of paid clubs and a list of current district council members (club presidents, vice presidents education, and district officers eligible to vote). The credentials chair ensures that ballots are only issued to current district council members or their authorized proxies and are signed for upon distribution.
  1. Ballots indicate the office being contested or are sequentially numbered. The names of nominated candidates may be printed on the ballots. The names of floor candidates may not be printed on the ballots. Ballot templates are available on the Toastmasters International website.
  1. The credentials committee ensures that no campaign materials are in the credentials area.
  1. Elections
  1. The district director or a person designated by the district director explains the election rules and procedures to the delegates.
  1. The DLC chair shall present the committee’s report. In the chair’s absence, the district director designates another member of the DLC, when practicable, to present the report. The chair or designee announces the names of the committee members and reads the name of each nominated candidate, in alphabetical order, for each of the offices of district director, program quality director, club growth director and division directors. The area directors, public relations manager, administration manager, finance manager are also announced if elected.
  1. If any policy violations by a candidate have occurred, the DLC chair may disclose that violation and may announce whether the violation could have affected the candidate’s nomination.
  1. For each office, the district director inquires whether there are additional nominations from the floor.
    1. Floor candidates must be nominated by a member of the district council or their proxy holder.  Floor candidates may self-nominate when they are a member of the district council or a proxy holder.
    2. Floor candidates or, in their absence, their representatives state their eligibility qualifications.
    3. Floor candidates for district director, program quality director, club growth director, and division director must sign the Officer Agreement and Release Statement prior to the election. Only the Officer Agreement and Release Statement of those elected are sent to World Headquarters.
    4. The district director may declare any proven floor candidate policy violations to the district council.
    5. When nominations are complete, the district director declares the nominations for that office closed.
  2. After nominations are closed, candidate speeches are given. A candidate speaks on his or her own behalf. If a candidate is not present, an authorized representative may speak for the candidate. If there is only one candidate nominated, no speech is given.
  1. A candidate’s representative may not be a member of the district executive committee, a member of the DLC, the credentials chair, or any other meeting official, unless he or she resigns before the district council’s annual meeting begins.
  1. The balloting for each office takes place immediately following candidate speeches. The number of votes that a member may cast is governed by Article X, Section (e) of the District Administrative Bylaws.
  1. After nominations for an office are closed, if there is only one candidate for the office, the district director may entertain a motion to dispense with the secret ballot for the uncontested office or instruct the administration manager to cast a single ballot for the candidate.
  1. District officer candidates are responsible for appointing one observer to monitor the integrity of the voting and ballot counting process.
  1. Each election is completed and the winner announced before moving to the subsequent election.
  1. Candidates nominated for one office and not elected to the office may be nominated from the floor for subsequent offices.
  1. Any candidate who receives a majority of the votes cast is declared elected. In the event no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for a contested office, voting continues with the use of special ballots and without the name of the candidate receiving the fewest votes. Such a procedure continues until one of the candidates receives a majority of the votes cast.
  1. Upon adjournment of the district council’s annual meeting, all election results are final. Results of the election are displayed on the district website as soon as possible following adjournment of the meeting.
  1. All proxies and ballots are retained for 24 hours following the close of the meeting for review only by the district director or district credentials chair, as necessary, and immediately thereafter destroyed by the district director or district credentials chair.

Candidate’s Corner and Candidate’s showcase Information

Dear Members,

Further to the announcement of the Nominations Slate for the next toastmaster year 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019 (you can view them here, I take pleasure in announcing two opportunities that the District 82 has provided as per the Protocol 9.0 of toastmasters International namely the Candidates’ Corner and the Candidates’ Showcase . This is to provide an equal opportunity to all nominated and floor candidates at the District Officer Elections 2017. The details of both events are given below and you are warmly welcome to attend same.

Candidate’s Corner:

A table for each candidate along with their pictures will be arranged for campaigning.

  • Date : Friday, May 11th 2018
  • Time : to be notified
  • Venue : Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Independence Square, Colombo 7
  • Contact : to be notified

Candidate’s Showcase:

  • Date : Friday, May 11th 2018
  • Time : to be notified (District Council Meeting will begin at ……)
  • Venue : Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Independence Square, Colombo 7
  • Contact : to be notified

I request all Nominated Candidates, Floor Candidates and members to be familiar with Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections, especially the Sections 5, 6, 8,9,10 & 11.

Both Floor Candidates and Nominated Candidates have equal opportunities and responsibilities as per Protocol 9.0; Section 5 (b) to use both Candidates’ Corner and Candidates’ Showcase.

Accordingly, if any eligible member is intending to stand from the floor for any district officer position, please send me an email with duly filled documents given below, on or before …………. However, there is still time for any candidate to stand from the floor on the day of the election.

    1. Sign the Toastmasters Officer Agreement and Release Form .
    2. Submit a completed District Officer Biographical Info GD 1 and photograph.

Note – Send your email to ajanthadtm@gmail.com with both the PDF files and a Photograph. PDF’s can be downloaded when you click the links above

With best regards
Ajantha Jayawardena

District Director- 2017/2018
District 82 Toastmasters International
+94 777 560787|Skype ID: ajanthajayawardena
Email: ajanthadtm@gmail.com

Proxy Guidelines and Voting Procedure

To be published by the District Director, DTM Ajantha Jayawardena

For queries, Contact

Sudash Liyanage


Immediate Past District Director- 2017/2018

District 82 | Toastmasters International