Speechcraft courses are paid programs that are designed to quickly develop basic public speaking skills. They are given in small groups where all participants work on the same exercises. It is given in a classroom situation, staffed with a number of experienced Toastmasters who give educational sessions, act as mentors and give positive feedback. The course is designed for a high level of interactivity.

What is the duration of a Speechcraft program?

Speechcraft runs in 3 hour sessions spread over 10 weeks for a total of 30 hours. Most commercially available courses run over an intense two or three days but we believe that the Speechcraft approach is much more effective because it gives participants time to assimilate the skills taught, reflect on them and then put them into practice. This is the reason as to why the entire course is spread over a period of 10 weeks.

What are the Benefits of a Speechcraft program?

A Speechcraft Course will help you to:

Gain confidence in public speaking
Learn to think quickly and clearly
Become an effective listener
Use body language and visual aids
Advance your social skills
Improve your job or promotion prospects


What will participants do in a Speechcraft Course?

During this practical course, participants will prepare and deliver 3-4 speeches. These are 3-5 minutes long and on a subject of their choice. They will also participate in impromptu speaking sessions (known as “Table Topics”) and they’ll learn how to evaluate other speakers using the criteria in the Speechcraft manual. Experienced Toastmasters will also deliver “educational talks”, where they’ll learn how to prepare their speech, hear tips on delivery techniques, and find out how to evaluate other speakers.

The following educational sessions will be presented as part of the Speechcraft program:

Impromptu Speaking
Selecting your Topic
Organize your Speech
Preparation & Practice
Speaking with Conviction
Using Body Language
Evaluate to Motivate
Take the Terror out of a Talk
Vocal Variety
Asserting Yourself Effectively
How to conduct effective meetings
Motivating People

What course material do participants get?

When participants begin the Speechcraft Course, they’ll be given their own personal Toastmasters Speechcraft manual. This manual sets out the speech projects (or assignments) they’ll complete during the course. Each project has set objectives, notes on to how to prepare the speech, and an evaluation guide for the evaluator.

Every Speechcrafter will be assigned a mentor. Mentors are usually experienced Toastmasters, who are available for advice, help and support during the course. The Speechcraft Coordinator is always available for help as well.

At the end of the Speechcraft program, during the Graduation session, every participant will be presented with an official Toastmasters International Certificate of graduation. This is an internationally recognised award.

What can I do with the Speechcraft Certificate?

The certificate is internationally recognised and is valid and useful for your career.

What is the next step after Speechcraft?

At the end of the program, participants will have a clear idea of what Toastmasters offers and take an informed decision to join a Toastmasters club. Such informed decisions make for sustainable clubs. Typically, corporates sponsor Speechcraft for interested employees, as the preparatory step before starting Toastmaster clubs. Speechcraft is a charged program. Ideal batch size is 20 to 25. Forming/Joining a Toastmasters club after Speechcraft is optional.

If you are interested in conducting a Speechcraft at your organization/community, please reach out to us here