Best Division Director (3)

The Division Director of the Year Award is the highest level of recognition conferred by the District 82 to a Division Director who have served a full period of 12 months and achieved President’s Distinguished Division status that certainly have assisted the District to achieve its mission – “we build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”.

Every Division Director who helped the District Trio and Executive Council  by serving  the members passionately and as servant leaders were considered according to the Toastmasters International Checklist, which consist of following areas plus  the specific contributions made towards achieving set goals  of district 82 within the year;-

–              Distinguished Division Achievements

–              Membership Building and Retention

–              Club Extension

–              Division Club Performance – Distinguished Club Program

–              Education and Training

–              Leadership, Commitment and Support

–              Public Relations

Nominees in the order of Divisions were;

Division – A         Sliema Gunatunga

Division – D         Saravana Kumar

Division – I          Ramalingam K

Division – L         Mythily Ramanan

The Division Director of the year 2016/17 was selected after having considered all relevant aspects as per the check list, recommendations, special achievements of the individual  and other characteristics such as right attitude, upholding the values of toastmasters, assisting the district to achieve its mission  and  finally based on the majority vote of the Trio.


DTM Saravana Kumar was adjudged unanimously as the recipient of The Division Director of The Year 2016-2017 Award in our district 82

for his superlative achievements and contributions made towards realization of the mission of the district and other achievements recorded by the District during the year 2016-17.Saravana Kumar, DTM
Saravana was able to lead his Division – D to achieve the President’s Distinguished Division Status with all four (4) Areas of his Division achieving President’s Distinguished Area status.  The year began with couple of clubs struggling to retain with one club was on suspension. Yet, DTM Saravana Kumar has shown a great leadership with a much focused attention in conducting two training sessions to promote retention. He organized all three membership campaigns successfully to add 367 new members, which resulted in 46% Membership growth and 70% retention percentage.

He has aced the important area of ‘building new clubs’as per mission of the District by establishing eight (8) New Clubs of which, majority of them were opened within first six months of the year 2016-2017. He has conducted 11 demo meetings and 8 charter presentations to open the said clubs, which in turn has opened doors to 14 Sponsors and 15 mentors.  Being a dynamic and energetic leader who always strives to offer the best for membership has symbolized by getting two world champions to conduct educational sessions in both Division level conferences. Increased the Division D foot print by 50% with the addition of 8 new clubs and the progress of the division has rated as No.1 in the district and No.2 in the world.

The Division recorded a 123% of Distinguished Clubs including 5 new clubs reaching the distinguished or higher status that helped District – 82 to record 98% of clubs becoming distinguished or higher. That success was made a reality by Saravana in training a minimum of 80% of the club officers in both cycles and conducting 16 education & training sessions by the division training team.  Further, seven training sessions at Area level& 14 of inter club/area exchange programs were the highlights of his commitment, which was resulted in recording 181 educational awards by the division during the year, including him wining the most coveted Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) title.

DTM Saravana’s leadership commitment and support for the district was successfully fulfilled with his 100% participation in Division Director & other trainings, District Executive & Council meetings and all review meetings conducted by the district. His leadership capabilities were apparent as he got 100% of Area representation at Division level meetings, District council meetings and even had division champions winning the district level speech contests too. Importantly, Saravana has adhered to all the deadline of both TI and District 82, and complied with all the essential requirements, thereby supported all District Events and Initiatives throughout the year

DTM Saravana Kumar has also shown a promising PR personality and true ambassador of toastmasters by visiting over 9 new organizations to introduce the program. The Division News Letters and periodic progress charts shared quarterly amongst the entire membership were excellent form of member relations of his time and had a publication on Hindu Paper & a show on FM radio too.

Please join the Trio in congratulating DTM Saravana Kumar as the proud recipient of The Division Director of The Year 2016-2017 Award of prestigious District 82