Best Toastmaster (2)

The District Toastmaster of the Year Award is the highest level of recognition conferred by the District 82 to an individual member who have mainly assisted the District to achieve its mission – “we build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”.

The member who ventured beyond boundaries was considered according to the Toastmasters International Checklist, which consists of following areas plus the specific contributions made towards achieving set goals  of district 82 within the year;

  • Membership Building and Retention
  • Education and Training
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • Commitment and Support

Nominees in the orders of Divisions were;

Division – A         Sitha Lakshmi Kathirgamanathan                – DFCC Toastmasters Club

Division – C         Muhammed Sheikh Ahmed                            – Awakening Toastamsters Club

Division – C         K Ganga Kumuduni Fernando                       – Serendib Toastmasters Club

Division – D         K V L Ashwinbalaji                                           – TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters Club

Division – E         Jeevana Pradeep Malgaha Gamage              – AATSL Toastmasters Club

Division – G         Shenbakam Natarajan                                    – Infosys Shols TM Club

Division – I          Thomas TAbraham                                          – Medley Toastmasters Club

Division – J          Hingston Lovell                                               – Virtusa CMB Toastmasters Club

Division – J          Hashini Gunatilake                                         – Panadura Toastmasters Club


The three finalists listed below were selected as per TMI checklist and screened them on specific aspects related to our own district. Finally, the toastmaster of the year 2016/17 was selected after having considered all relevant aspects plus other characteristics such as right attitude,upholding the values of toastmasters and based on the majority vote of the Trio.

Muhammed Sheikh Ahmed                           – Awakening Toastmasters Club

K Ganga Kumuduni Fernando                       – Serendib Toastmasters Club

K V L Ashwinbalaji                                           – TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters Club


TM K Ganga Kumuduni Fernando was adjudged unanimously as the recipient of The Toastmaster of The Year 2016-2017 Award

Ganga Kumudini

for her extremely valuable contributions made towards realization of the mission of the district and many achievements recorded by the District during the year 2016-17.
TM Ganga has spearheaded many programs, demo meetings and campaigns conducted by the district in membership building for many clubs in & out of Colombo and particularly in distant cities. She even coordinated similar campaigns at Area and Division levels. In addition she was able to add over 11 new members & 26 guests on her personal capacity and contributed to conduct more than 10 training sessions to promote retention.

In terms of club building & retention, Ganga has played a pivotal role in resurrecting over 6 ailing clubs; helped different Area & Division Directors to revive many other clubs,assisted opening of 2 new clubs and the highlight was that she coached Kakirawa Toastmasters Club to become a President’s Distinguished Club. The significant outcome was that in the history of last four years, Sri Lanka was able to record a zero club loss (except the forced closed club). Significance of her efforts were that those helped  us to become No.1 in the world to have 20+ members in over 89% of clubs in the district and to receive the Club Extension Award by being the World’s N0.3 in recording NET club growth of 39 clubs within the year.

TM Ganga Fernando did a yeomen service by conducting & coordinating 9 club officer trainings, well over 22 sessions of Speaker/Evaluator exchange with many clubs, and coordinating Speech craft programs has helped many clubs to record 5 DCP points thereby several Areas and Division officials to reach their goals either as distinguished, select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished Areas or Divisions. Accordingly, her contributions were materialized valuable for the District 82 to record all 12 Divisions as President’s Distinguished Divisions for the first time in District 82 legacy.

Her leadership, commitment and support for the district were proved in assisting Area & Division Directors, work in district committees, being a chairperson of district and Ovation ‘17 committees, attending variety of District meetings and the Business Meeting of the International Convention in Vancouver, Canada.

She has also committed her time in attending 12 +own club meetings as IPP and more than 12 Area, Division and District events other than meetings, Chief Judge for 5 Area level speech contests & as a judge of many more contests, being the Credentials Co-Chair of the annual business meeting at Ovation 17 and mentor for 10 members.

Further, TM Ganga was a recipient of the “Extra Mile Award” and the “Star Club Coach Award” from the District 82 and she is one who believed in 100% achievement of distinguished clubs and worked hard till the last hour of the year 2016-2017.

Please join the trio in congratulating TM K Ganga Kumuduni Fernando as the proud recipient of The Toastmaster of The Year 2016-2017 Award of prestigious District 82.