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Reverberation 2016: The Wave Of Celebration

Reverberation 2016, a wave of celebration hit us all with beautiful memories! 4th November 2016 was probably just an ordinary Friday for a lot of people.  But, it was a weekend with a lot of memories, especially for a group of students in this small town called Vellore at this college called VIT University.

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4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Attend Reverberation 2016

Disclaimer: Content of this blog post is a work of pure sarcasm. Readers are advised not to be mislead without understanding the underlying meaning of it. Please read it fully…



Aaaarrrggghhhhhh! These days, these are the two words that keep reverberating in our minds after every Toastmasters meeting! The PR and Registration fellows have been working hard to somehow make us all register for the conference. All their gimmicks, be it a troll or a blog post or even their speeches tempt us register for Reverberation, sometimes even more than once. But boss, wait!

Let me give you 4 good reasons as to why we should NOT attend this year District 82 semi-annual conference. Here goes: Read more

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Live-blog: Reverberation 2015 Day 02

To say today is an exciting day would be an understatement. Today is the final day of Reverberation 2015. This is where all the action is with the District 82 Evaluation & Humorous Contests happening today. As always we’ll be bringing you the latest here as it happens.

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Live-blog: Reverberation Day 01

Good day Toastmasters! Today is the very first day of Reverberatios 2015, the mid-year conference of District 82 which is happening in the hills of Sri Lanka at Kandy. The day begins with the business meetings in the morning which will be held in the University of Peradeniya Arts theatre. It will be followed by the opening ceremony which will be happening at the University of Peradeniya Faculty of Engineering. Finally, we conclude the day with a fun night which is going to be at Queens Hotel.

If you’re missing out on Reverbs then worry not for you have come to the right place. The District PR Team is here and will be live-blogging the events of the day as it happens.

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Reverberation 2015: The Hike and Cricket Tournament

The day has finally arrived. Reverberation 2015, the mid-year conference of District 82 has begun. The official sessions of the conference will be happening today at the University of Peradeniya. Unofficially, Reverberations 2015 began yesterday.  Yesterday, we saw two exciting networking events organized by the Reverberations organizing team: the Hanthana hike and the 6 Masters Cricket tournament.

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