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Lessons on giving a great speech from a runner-up at the World Championship of Public Speaking

The world champion of public speaking. This is a title sought out by many Toastmasters across the world every year. Yet only ten individuals will even have a chance of returning home with this title. How exactly did these individuals come close to such a feat? Tons of hard work is the short answer. The long answer will vary depending on which of these individuals you ask.

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Calm Down!

So the big day is here and you have to present that important speech.  You’ve done everything that you can do to ready yourself for it.  You picked the topic, did the research, wrote the speech, and have practised so much you feel you’re beginning to sound like a parrot.   But still you are nervous.   In fact you’re so nervous you think you could botch the whole thing up. Calm down!

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Whacky tips for Unique Table Topics Answers

Table topics is my favorite part of Toastmasters meeting. I believe it is one opportunity to flex the creative cells inside our brains. I believe it is more important to give an outstanding uncommon answer than a common safe answer. Though the success rate might be lower, eventually the answers will stand out very often.

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How you say it!

A speech reaches audience faster when every element of it makes its mark. A winning speech may have many ingredients and one main component is the voice clarity and modulation in which the speech is rendered. A properly modulated speech will trigger the expected emotion in the audience. Modulation ensures that your content reaches the audience and is purely dependent on ‘How you say it!’

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The art of storytelling

As a new Research Scientist in a large firm – Joe had a task of publishing a monthly memo to all the employees updating R&D activities every month – and any key idea or point that R&D wanted to communicate. Joe did this boring task for many years – a report even fellow research scientists won’t be enthused to read. One day he struck an idea – he created a character as the research scientist and also named him.

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