Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

Tell Your Story At Toastmasters

Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

David Hughes, DTM
District 73

Everyone has a story, yet not everyone tells a story well. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because of doubt, fear, or reluctance. Perhaps it’s because we think our story is not worth telling, and even if we tell it, no one will be interested. Perhaps also, it’s because we’ve never learned the structure of story-telling.

There is a way you can learn to tell your story, much like I learned to tell mine, but more of that later.

Since time immemorial, we humans have told stories to each other; to express feelings; to describe living conditions; to warn of danger; to share information; to be remembered and to leave a legacy. Read more

Friends helping friends succeed

Friends helping friends succeed

In 2001, I bought a ticket to a Leadership Seminar without realizing that iFriends helping friends succeedt was a Toastmasters conference with a Speech contest.

My first Toastmasters workshop conducted by a speaker from Singapore was so fantastic that I rushed to find out about the sponsoring organization.

A few days later, I attended the first Toastmasters meeting, answered my first table topic question, and joined as a member at Thai Airways Toastmasters Club at the venue of the company I had worked with as a communication and customer service trainer for 26 years. Read more

DTM Vasanthan Kanagaratnam

DTM Vasanthan – A Great Friend

Message from our District Director DTM Sudash Liyanage about our very own DTM Vasanthan.

“A great friend I met thanks to toastmasters has departed us today. He was a true friend and toastmaster who truly lived ‘friends helping friends’.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Vasanthan Kanagaratnam (1244428) joined toastmasters on the 01st of October 2008. He soon became an asset to the toastmasters’ fraternity of Sri Lanka and India, District 82 and Toastmasters international, where he stepped beyond club activity by becoming an Area Governor, Assist. Division Governor, Division Governor, -Division J, Ambassador for Revitalized Education Program, a Club Coach, Judge, Chief Judge, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor and Sponsor.

DTM Vasanthan

He was a practical man who stood firm to get the right thing done and was able to walk the talk. I remember the time he became a member of Jaffna Toastmasters Club when they were struggling and took charge as the president and put his heart and soul to revive it to be a distinguished club by even giving his educational credits. He visited many ailing clubs and always availed himself to help a member or club just over a phone call for anything related to toastmasters.

DTM Vasanthan was a tough character was not afraid to articulate his views and lived with his unshaken principles. Yet, he was humble enough to change when he was convinced otherwise. Spontaneous to get himself corrected with right advice and I still remember a day when he walked into my office to quit membership, shaken over a toastmaster issue. He then realized to take out the Banker in him at toastmasters, after retirement from HNB he wanted me to be his mentor to learn the art of becoming calm when in troubled waters. Undoubtedly he was another toastmaster who lived with true Toastmaster values and leaves a lasting legacy and fond memories behind to many a toastmaster.

I cannot forget the times he spent as a member in my home club Bcis Toastmasters, where he was a great evaluator after the day’s general evaluator that helped us be better in every forthcoming meeting.

Let’s join with the family to pay our last respects and pray for our beloved member Vasanthan and may solace come to his soul.”

List of Nominations Received – District 82 – 2017-2018

Please find below the list of nominations received for the new District Leadership for District 82, for the next Toastmasters year from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

Please Note:

  • These are just a list of candidates who have submitted their nomination and have expressed interest for various leadership roles.
  • Their eligibility would be verified and their potential would be analysed by the Leadership Committee when they interview these candidates.
  • The nomination slate will be released by the DLC by the end of February.
  • If you nominated yourself/someone and if that name is missing, please write to

Read more

New Year Greetings from the District Director

New Year Greetings from the District Director of District 82 Toasmaster – Sudash Liyanage, DTM:

As the world ushers another year I wish each of you to have a youthful and cheerful new year and many more years to come.New Year Wishes from the District Director May the New Year bring you a plethora of opportunities that will lead each of you to weave your own success stories as well as be a part of the success stories of your Club, Area, Division and District. Read more

Toastmasters Bank Accounts

Easy to open Toastmasters Bank Accounts in India

Great News to our Member’s in India !

Pass the email to all club’s in Tamil Nadu !

Greetings !

Christmas is bringing in loads of joy and great news for the Toastmasters Community in India. I followed up on your query a member from Vadodara had on Opening Bank Accounts in India and I have some delighful news from the Toastmasters International Board.

Opening Bank accounts in the Club’s Name has always been difficult in India. Not any longer. Read more

Call for Nominations – District 82 – 2017-2018

Dear Toastmasters,

The time has come to receive nominations for the new District Leadership for District 82, for the next Toastmasters year from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

It is my honor to have been appointed as the chair of District Leadership Committee(DLC) previously called the Nominating Committee.

The appointment was done by District Director DTM Sudash Liyanage, and ratified by the District Council at the Business Meeting held at Reverberation 2016 in Vellore.

I hereby call for nominations for the following officers of District 82, for the year 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018: Read more