View Point – District Director DTM Ajantha Jayawardena October 2017

What an eventful and unforgettable first quarter it has been, with exciting new projects   and glorious celebrations!

I am pleased to inform you that the District Officer Training Programs conducted in June and held in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu were a great success, with 100% attendance.

The Club Officer Training Programs, Emergence, New Member Orientation   and Mentoring Programs were conducted in both Sri Lanka  and Tamil Nadu, while the Project  Speech  Evaluation Program   was  conducted  only  in Sri Lanka  and  Meeting Procedures conducted  only in Tamil Nadu. 4 Judges Training Programs were also conducted in Sri Lanka and 4 in Tamil Nadu. All these Programs were well attended.

The new project -The Youth Leadership Program was launched in July and 300 students have already been selected for the program from schools from the Western Province, Kandy and Anuradhapura.  Our goal is to complete the selecting of students for this program before 31st December ’17.

The highlight of the month of August was the installation of our very own Distinguished Toastmaster, Arunasalam Balraj, as the International President at the Convention held in Vancouver. Approximately   100 members from our District were privileged to be present on this historic occasion. What a proud moment it was! Our District was ranked 3rd in the world, another feather in our cap!    The District Achievement Awards too were presented to DTM Sudash Liyanage, DTM Ajantha Jayawardena and DTM Suganthi Periasamy.

A grand welcome was given to Distinguished Toastmaster Arunasalam Balraj on his arrival at BIA on the 10th of September followed by a Press Conference and a reception at Gateway Airport Garden Hotel. It was organized by FTZ Toastmaster Club and coordinated by Toastmaster Anura Perera and approximately 110 members were present. A grand ceremony to felicitate DTM Balraj was held  on  the  16th  of  September at  the  Galadari  Hotel, coordinated  by  Toastmasters Niroshan  Nadarajah  and K. Ramesh  from  Ralph  and  Colombo  Toastmasters Clubs respectively. It was a wonderful evening of celebration, with many distinguished guests gracing the occasion.

By the end of this quarter, approximately 90% of Club Installations have been concluded.  Most clubs have held Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests and I hope that the rest of the clubs will follow suit. I wish to remind the clubs which have not paid their renewal fees to pay the fees even though the closing date has already passed.

As we all know our aim this year is to give the members the best Toastmaster experience. It is the responsibility of the Club President and the Executive Committee to enhance member experience by making the club meetings interesting and fun. This will   have a positive effect on retaining members as well as attracting new members. To derive the maximum benefit from the Toastmaster Programs, the members should be encouraged to meet their educational goals in both communication and leadership tracks.

I hope the Division Directors are focusing on opening new clubs. It is advisable to meet the target by 31st December as then there would be 6 months to nurture and guide the clubs. The members can help by suggesting leads for new clubs.

Our other new project, The Motor Rally which is to be launched in the 2nd quarter is being publicized on fliers and on the Toastmaster’s website. We hope that all members will cooperate by participating in the rally.  This is a wonderful opportunity for networking, Dear Toastmasters, let us RISE to the occasion with the 4 core values, Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence in mind and make this event a success

Focus on your goals, follow through and feel great.


Value of Time, Thoughts and Actions

View Point – Journey to Stardom – May 2017


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“As we celebrate the Journey to Stardom now, let us commemorate our energetic engagement, exciting enjoyment the everlasting enrichment of District 82 by the end of our term 2016-17.”

Journey to Stardom with a grandest Ovation!

The aftermath of Ovation 2017 is inflicting impressive illustrations in every one who attended the conference. I find that all social media platforms, e-mails, SMS and calls of the last few days were filled with magnanimous testimonials of the grandest ovation we have concluded on 28thMay 2017.The influence of ostentatious Ovation 2017 still lingers in the minds and lives of our members and some denoted it as “Post Ovation euphoric syndrome”

Saleem and I still continue with our post ovation obligations amidst those enthralling encouragements. We along with our entire team are elated to present your ‘journey to stardom’. I take the privilege of honoring each & every member and teams who have contributed to the splendid success with a ‘Standing Ovation’. Read more

Value of Time, Thoughts and Actions

View Point – Value of Time, Thoughts and Actions – November 2016


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“Our thoughtfulness and actions matter a lot to achieve our mission 100% as it will be a pure reflection of our leadership and character. We will then be the envoys of Toastmasters who could attract many to join our journey of Engagement, Enjoyment and Enrichment.”

In my last view point I urged that we live the values of Toastmasters. Now I find it is equally important to know that our thoughts and actions directly reflect our character. James Allen has said “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts”.

Similarly, we are the emissaries, envoys and emblems of Toastmasters. It is our responsibility to do our best to behave, show and try to be role models for every member and especially in the eyes of prospective members or the world out there.

We have witnessed a great mid-year conference in the first week of November, organized by young budding Toastmaster leaders of VIT University, Vellore headed by the Conference Chair DTM Navaneeth V Ganesh. Read more

View Point - Live Values of Toastmasters

View Point – Live Values of Toastmasters – Sep-Oct 2016


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“Let us collectively strive to uphold the Values of toastmasters, in order to be the Best Presidents Distinguished District in the world.”


Winners… Organizers… Witnesses

It was three eventful months of enthusiastic Engagement, enthralling Enjoyment and enlightening Enrichment for all Winners, Organizers and Witnesses.

We witnessed winners all over our district at the Club, Area and Division levels. Not only the winners but all the contestants at every level, not only the contests but the installations and the conference organizers, not only the organizers & the officers but every individual who witnessed those events, would have discovered their own leadership skills, communication potential and learnt from others to be better leaders & communicators.

Yet, let us think … have we lived in values of toastmasters? Read more

Monthly Bulletin - October 2016

Monthly Bulletin – October 2016 | District 82 Toastmasters

Monthly Bulletin – October 2016 of District 82 Toastmasters prepared by the PR Team of District 82 Toastmasters can be found below. It also comes with a list of events that are planned for this month. Are you all game? Please subscribe to for more updates from the district!

Monthly Bulletin - October 2016