Let's BEAT the CLOCK

Let’s BEAT the CLOCK & have some fun!

Hello Toastmasters!


Suganthi Periyasamy, DTM

Are you ready to BEAT the CLOCK?

It’s fun time, again! Meeting people as guests and subsequently welcoming them as your clubs members is fun and gratifying, isn’t it?

Add 5 new/dual/reinstated members between May 1st and June 30th to win the “Beat the clock” membership building ribbon.

Please find attached a flyer that could be used to promote this membership building opportunity among club members.

Let’s BEAT the CLOCK!

Request you to please read the following guidelines thoroughly. It is disheartening when we lose an award through a small mistake. Read more


We are not all cut from the same cloth


We are not all cut from the same cloth,

               but together we make a beautiful quilt”

All of us are not cut from the same cloth.
The differences that we have are much more than our similarities

Yet, when we get together as a team to work towards accomplishing a task, these differences vanish into thin air.

We believe in the greater strength we have when we combine our forces and do not worry too much about individual brilliance.

We learn from each other, we consider no one is above another, nor is anyone superior to another. We are all equal team members of one Toastmasters family. Read more

Lead by Communication

Lead by Communication

Lead by Communication

Nishani Pigera

A great leader is not someone who merely makes him/herself heard. A great leader is someone with the exceptional skill of inspiring followers to believe in his/her vision, values and ideals with the use of effective communication.

History bears ample examples that, from constructive leaderships which developed nations into world economic power houses to destructive leaderships that lead troupes to wage wars against other nations were all driven by one factor; skillful communication that convinced people to join the force, be it labor or the military.

A closer look at the legendary leaders from the past like Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher, to present day leaders like Barak Obama will show you that they all have one quality in common, which is their exceptional ability to address their audience in a manner that is inspiring and resounding. It is no secret that even the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler captivated millions of people in over 5,000 of his persuasive speeches, and to date, is remembered as one of the world’s most influential orators. Read more

List of Nominations Received – District 82 – 2017-2018

Please find below the list of nominations received for the new District Leadership for District 82, for the next Toastmasters year from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

Please Note:

  • These are just a list of candidates who have submitted their nomination and have expressed interest for various leadership roles.
  • Their eligibility would be verified and their potential would be analysed by the Leadership Committee when they interview these candidates.
  • The nomination slate will be released by the DLC by the end of February.
  • If you nominated yourself/someone and if that name is missing, please write to

Read more

New Year Greetings from the District Director

New Year Greetings from the District Director of District 82 Toasmaster – Sudash Liyanage, DTM:

As the world ushers another year I wish each of you to have a youthful and cheerful new year and many more years to come.New Year Wishes from the District Director May the New Year bring you a plethora of opportunities that will lead each of you to weave your own success stories as well as be a part of the success stories of your Club, Area, Division and District. Read more

Call for Nominations – District 82 – 2017-2018

Dear Toastmasters,

The time has come to receive nominations for the new District Leadership for District 82, for the next Toastmasters year from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

It is my honor to have been appointed as the chair of District Leadership Committee(DLC) previously called the Nominating Committee.

The appointment was done by District Director DTM Sudash Liyanage, and ratified by the District Council at the Business Meeting held at Reverberation 2016 in Vellore.

I hereby call for nominations for the following officers of District 82, for the year 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018: Read more

Reverberation 16 team

Reverberation 2016: The Wave Of Celebration

Reverberation 2016, a wave of celebration hit us all with beautiful memories! 4th November 2016 was probably just an ordinary Friday for a lot of people.  But, it was a weekend with a lot of memories, especially for a group of students in this small town called Vellore at this college called VIT University.

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View Point – Leverage on our Legacy- August 2016


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“We spontaneously answered that it’s the fabulous foundation and the legacy left for us by the heroic leaders of the past in our District 82”

Friends, as I predicted Celebrations Continue!

It can’t be luck or a fluke! What is the secret? There should be good reasons! Read more