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Easy to open Toastmasters Bank Accounts in India

Great News to our Member’s in India !

Pass the email to all club’s in Tamil Nadu !

Greetings !

Christmas is bringing in loads of joy and great news for the Toastmasters Community in India. I followed up on your query a member from Vadodara had on Opening Bank Accounts in India and I have some delighful news from the Toastmasters International Board.

Opening Bank accounts in the Club’s Name has always been difficult in India. Not any longer.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform that Federal Bank has officially accepted to be our partner for Toastmaster Club accounts. This would enable Toastmaster Clubs across India to open an account with Federal Bank in the name of the respective Club. The Club Officers (for each term) will be authorized signatories for operating the account.

In this regard, following documents are to be submitted to Federal Bank:

  1. Club Charter Certificate
  2. Form 60 (Bank will provide for No-PAN declaration)
  3. Address proof of Club (On Company letter head for Corporate Clubs or Lease agreement for Community Clubs)
  4. Minutes of meeting for electing the Club officers (Template attached)
  5. Resolution for opening the Bank account (Template attached)
  6. Bylaws of Club / Form 6 (Submitted at the time of Chartering Club)
  7. KYC documents of account operators (PAN card, Address proof, Two photos)
  8. Covering letter from Federal Bank HQ (Attached)

The Club can have all the documents ready and go to the nearest Federal Bank branch in their City to open the account.

I hope your city has a Federal Bank and that your clubs will be benefited by this move.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!

(with inputs from the Toastmasters International Board of Director’s via email received on 26th Dec 2016)

Best Regards,

Toastmasters Bank Accounts


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