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The importance of teamwork

One of the most important things that I have learnt in my leadership career is the importance of teamwork. No one, no matter how brilliant they are, can achieve anything on their own. It is just over 6000 members. That’s almost the same as running a large organisation. We have a Management Team of 10 Division Governors, 41 Area Governors. To plan goals and to achieve those goals, we have to have teamwork. There can be no success without teamwork.

District Council meetings, Division Council meetings, and Area Council meetings should be held regularly. At every point, it is working as a team and achieving objectives as a team that is most important.

When we have so many people leading teams and we have so many people working together to achieve objectives, you cannot have everybody agreeing to everything. If we are all agreeing to everything, there is something very wrong there because we are all intelligent human beings and we all have our own ideas and opinions about the way things are done. Very often there will be disputes, debates and disagreements about the methods of doing things.

At the end of the day, a consensus decision has to be made amongst the team and once that decision has been made, that has to be the decision of the entire team. We should never have a situation where one person feels that their ideas were overruled or neglected.

That will affect their performance and worse, it will leave ill feelings within them. That is not a good situation in leadership. Once a decision is made, whatever the decision is, if it is the majority decision taken democratically, we as leaders need to have a unified front. If we do that, and if we commit ourselves to this fantastic organisation, we will achieve our goals in the coming year as well.

I wish the new District Team as well as the new set of officers taking leadership roles within their clubs all the best as they take on the adventures and challenges of the new year.

Have a great year!

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