Spread Your Wings!


Subbi P. Mathur, Ph.D., DTM   
Region 8 Advisor 2015-17

Spread your wings!  I am not saying “Soar like an eagle”! Why? An eagle knows that it is an eagle and is born to soar! How about a caterpillar? Does anyone look at a caterpillar and say “Spread your wings’? Not at all! The caterpillar does not know that one of these days it will develop beautiful wings, that are unique and will spread its wings. It goes through a lot of constraint as pupa and emerges as beautiful butterfly! An average Toastmaster starts as a caterpillar! Yes, even me, a Professor who is getting ready to retire, can spread my wings!

After having led an active professional life and several presentations and leading international societies like American Society for Reproductive Immunology, thought I knew everything about presentations! Wrong! I joined Toastmasters for recreation but I realized real soon that Toastmasters makes me grow – yes – realized I can grow and spread my wings! More importantly, I realized that I can pass on what I learned to other Toastmasters and let them spread their wings too!

Knowledge is something that never dries out. The more you share with others, the more it grows. This is the first thing I learned in life that I extrapolated into Toastmasters. Toastmasters gave me mentors who showed me how to connect with people and get my message across. Mentorship is a wonderful gift and I thank all those wonderful Toastmasters leaders who mentored and continue to mentor me throughout my leadership journey.

One does not become a Toastmaster just to become a Distinguished Toastmaster or to achieve milestones. It comes eventually with your efforts to learn team work and presentation skills. If you want to be an Area Director just to get your Distinguished Toastmaster Title, please do not! Step into leadership only if you feel you can make a difference in people’s lives. It is not about you spreading your wings, but enabling others to spread their wings as well!

Lead by example. Most of the Toastmasters leaders I know are unselfish, caring and truly knowledgeable people who dedicate their lives for the betterment of the people around them. Learn from the true leaders. Avoid the bogus self-professed leaders who are politicians. Seek out the true leaders so that you can help others. My life is enriched due to those several toastmasters, who have touched my heart.

Thank you fellow Toastmasters for spreading my wings.  Let us pass the baton to the next generation of Toastmasters: “Spread Your Wings”!

Lead by Communication

Lead by Communication

Lead by Communication

Nishani Pigera

A great leader is not someone who merely makes him/herself heard. A great leader is someone with the exceptional skill of inspiring followers to believe in his/her vision, values and ideals with the use of effective communication.

History bears ample examples that, from constructive leaderships which developed nations into world economic power houses to destructive leaderships that lead troupes to wage wars against other nations were all driven by one factor; skillful communication that convinced people to join the force, be it labor or the military.

A closer look at the legendary leaders from the past like Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher, to present day leaders like Barak Obama will show you that they all have one quality in common, which is their exceptional ability to address their audience in a manner that is inspiring and resounding. It is no secret that even the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler captivated millions of people in over 5,000 of his persuasive speeches, and to date, is remembered as one of the world’s most influential orators. Read more

View Point - Live Values of Toastmasters

View Point – Live Values of Toastmasters – Sep-Oct 2016


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“Let us collectively strive to uphold the Values of toastmasters, in order to be the Best Presidents Distinguished District in the world.”


Winners… Organizers… Witnesses

It was three eventful months of enthusiastic Engagement, enthralling Enjoyment and enlightening Enrichment for all Winners, Organizers and Witnesses.

We witnessed winners all over our district at the Club, Area and Division levels. Not only the winners but all the contestants at every level, not only the contests but the installations and the conference organizers, not only the organizers & the officers but every individual who witnessed those events, would have discovered their own leadership skills, communication potential and learnt from others to be better leaders & communicators.

Yet, let us think … have we lived in values of toastmasters? Read more