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View Point – Journey to Stardom – May 2017


Sudash Liyanage, DTM
District Director – District 82, 2016-17

“As we celebrate the Journey to Stardom now, let us commemorate our energetic engagement, exciting enjoyment the everlasting enrichment of District 82 by the end of our term 2016-17.”

Journey to Stardom with a grandest Ovation!

The aftermath of Ovation 2017 is inflicting impressive illustrations in every one who attended the conference. I find that all social media platforms, e-mails, SMS and calls of the last few days were filled with magnanimous testimonials of the grandest ovation we have concluded on 28thMay 2017.The influence of ostentatious Ovation 2017 still lingers in the minds and lives of our members and some denoted it as “Post Ovation euphoric syndrome”

Saleem and I still continue with our post ovation obligations amidst those enthralling encouragements. We along with our entire team are elated to present your ‘journey to stardom’. I take the privilege of honoring each & every member and teams who have contributed to the splendid success with a ‘Standing Ovation’. Read more

Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

Tell Your Story At Toastmasters

Tell Your Story at Toastmasters

David Hughes, DTM
District 73

Everyone has a story, yet not everyone tells a story well. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because of doubt, fear, or reluctance. Perhaps it’s because we think our story is not worth telling, and even if we tell it, no one will be interested. Perhaps also, it’s because we’ve never learned the structure of story-telling.

There is a way you can learn to tell your story, much like I learned to tell mine, but more of that later.

Since time immemorial, we humans have told stories to each other; to express feelings; to describe living conditions; to warn of danger; to share information; to be remembered and to leave a legacy. Read more