Special 10 on 10

Special 10 on 10 Membership Building Award

Hello Toastmasters!


Suganthi Periyasamy, DTM

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Sinhala and Tamil New year.
At the dawn of the new year, we greet our family and friends with happiness and many a times bestow gifts upon them. We embark the new year looking forward to exciting opportunities in the days ahead.
At the onset of this new year, District 82 brings in a gift in the form of an exciting opportunity to welcome members into your club – “Special 10 on 10 Membership Building” award.

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Glass or Barrel – what’s your take?

Dear Fellow members of District 82!


Suganthi Periyasamy, DTM


Thank you for submitting your April renewal dues on time. This act of yours, once again, reiterates the statement by our Founder Dr. Ralph C Smedley “We learn best in moments of enjoyment.”

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