Everything you need to know about the Club Tabloid

What is the tabloid that District 82 wants clubs to publish?

Imagine someone gave you 2 A4 sheets and asked you to show what you have done in the past year using only those 2 sheets of paper. What would you put down on those sheets of paper? Key achievements? A synopsis of the events that have taken place? The most important things happening in the near future? Recognition for outstanding members?

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Moving Ahead Is The Only Option

I still remember when I was little, my mom and dad used to sit on either side of me and playfully ask who I loved more. That seemed to be a very tough choice to make back then. Little did I know that each and every phase of our life requires us to make a reasonable choice. A decision can be good or bad but you cannot judge its consequences at that time and you cannot revert back to change it later. Life will lay down two roads in front of you, and you have to pick one. As Robert Frost said in his poem ‘The Road not Taken’,

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Conquering a conference

Planning and organizing a conference can be a challenging task. I had the privilege of donning the mantle of Conference Chair for the Division A Mid-Year Conference last November, and it proved to be a great learning experience. Here are my Top Three Tips to help you create a successful conference.

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The power of positivity

The power of positivity is amazing! Can you remember the first speech that you delivered at your club? Regardless of it being the Ice-Breaker or impromptu, I’m sure you could recall every moment of it; the torment of being stuck, literally and physically, perspiring like a fountain while the throat being parched like a desert, having a belly full of butterflies and most importantly thinking “Why am I making myself an embarrassment?”.

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