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12 Impromptu speaking lessons from a District champion

You swallow your fear, you walk on stage and take a topic. The table topics master reads out the topic and now as you face the audience, you have two minutes to think of a great speech and deliver it.  Just like prepared speeches and presentations, Impromptu speaking has their own set of challenges. We do Impromptu speaking every day, whether it’s at a table topics session or simply when you have to tell your boss why you’re late for work. But how do you conquer these challenges with Impromptu speaking and become a master at it?

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Mentoring – The reciprocal learning effect

How does mentoring help us? In the present age of the knowledge-based economy, it becomes an even greater priority to have the ability to express ourselves clearly and confidently. Recruiters actively seek individuals who can show themselves to be comfortably persuasive when communicating with people from a broad range of backgrounds. Considering the level of importance attached to such skills, it seems odd that there is no mainstream pathway for the development of these skills. They do not seem to appear in any readily identifiable form in either the secondary or tertiary education formats. The Toastmasters organisation offers this type of training in a unique format which can be shaped around an individual’s personal needs and desires.

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