Club Awards

Awards are a great way to celebrate success. Awards are just rewards for the hard work, for not giving up against all odds, for the sheet grit and determination that creates memorable success.

Here then are the many awards to aspire for – shining stars to shoot for.

Phoenix Award
Rising Star Award
Eight 80 membership Award
Triple Star Award
Early Bird Award
Beyond Boundaries
Excellence in Training
Quality Club Award
Silver Eagle Award
Golden Gavel Award
Flyer of the Month
Excellence in Social Media Presence award
Excellence in Media Relations
Best Newsletter
Best Club Website

To view the criteria for the above mentioned awards, please click here.

Submission templates
Club Quality Engagement Avenues Checklist Click here
Additional Goals Click here
Area Director’s Checklist Click here
Club Success Plan Click here
MOT Implementation Report Click here
MOT Summary Report Click here

Club Meeting Minutes Template Click here
Club Meeting Agenda Template Click here
EXCOM Minutes of Meeting Template Click here
EXCOM Meeting Agenda Template Click Here Click here

Golden Gavel & Silver Eagle Award Trackers:
Please click here to view the updated tracker.

Club Quality and Engagement Tracker – Tamilnadu

Club Quality and Engagement Tracker – Srilanka