Best Area Director (2)

The Area Director of the Year Award is the highest level of recognition conferred by the District 82 to an Area Director who have served a full period of 12 months and achieved President’s Distinguished Area status that certainly assisted the District to achieve its mission – “we build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”.

The Area Directors who helped the Executive Council of clubs andserved members passionately and as servant leaderswere considered according to the Toastmasters International Checklist, which consist of following areas plus  the specific contributions made towards achieving set goals  of district 82 within the year;-

–              Distinguished Area Achievements

–              Membership Building and Retention

–              Club Extension

–              Area Club Performance – Distinguished Club Program

–              Education and Training

–              Leadership, Commitment and Support

–              Public Relations

Nominees in the orders of Divisions & Areas were;

Division – A         Ruwani Wimalasena                       – A1

Division – A         Chithra Veerabahu                          – A3

Division – C         R. Mangaleshwaran                        – C4

Division – C         Buddhika Fernando                        – C5

Division – D         S. Shrirashmi                                    – D1

Division – D         Satish Menon                                   – D2

Division – D         Manikandan Balasubramanian    – D4

Division – F          Shehara Dissanayake                     – F3

Division – H         Ramani Illangasinghe                    – H3

Division – I          Singaravelan Venkatesan               – I1

Division – J          Nisal Weerakoon                             – J2

Division – L          Mala Balasubramanian                  – L1


The three finalists listed below were selected as per TMI checklist and screened them on specific aspects related to our own district. Finally, the Area Director of the year 2016/17 was selected after having considered all relevant aspects& recommendations plus other characteristics such as right attitude, upholding the values of toastmasters and based on the majority vote of the Trio.

Ruwani Wimalasena                       – A 1

Manikandan Balasubramanian    – D4

Ramani Illangasinghe                     – H3


TM Ramani Illangasinghe was adjudged unanimously as the recipient of The Area Director of The Year 2016-2017 Award

for her untiring contributions made towards realization of the mission of the district and other achievements recorded by the District during the year 2016-17.Ramani Illangasinghe
TM Ramani was able to lead her area to be a President’s Distinguished Area with all four (4) clubs achieving President’s Distinguished Clubs, which were struggling to retain members and one club with zero membership at the beginning of the year. She managed to gather many toastmaster leaders from the fraternity and her own club members to conduct Road shows and five training sessions to promote retention and organize 3 large area membership campaigns, which resulted in 20% Membership growth and a high retention percentage.

The new Kegalle Toastmasters Club opened at a distant locationwas a significant task which she managed by conducting many demo meetings and closed monitoring.  She is an exemplary leader who spent a lot of time with existing clubs by visiting them regularly to educate Exco members of those clubs, to build confidence and rapport amongst themselves and with the area clubs.  Along with the opening of new club, Ramani was able to give leadership opportunities such as club sponsors & mentors for the members of the same area.

Though the spread of four clubs across four different Provinces of the country professed a major challenge, TM Ramani was able to train 80% of the club officers twice and managed to conduct 12 education & training sessions at club level to improve club quality. Further, over 4 training sessions at Area level with over 5 inter club events/exchange were the highlight of her commitment to bring out sustainable clubs for the future.

TM Ramani’s commitment and support for the district was successfully fulfilled with her continuous participation in Are Director  & other trainings, District Executive & Council meetings, all review meetings of the district, Area and Division level meetings and  also the Business Meeting of the International Convention in Vancouver, Canada.

Her leadership capabilities were proven by many ways such as ensuring 75% of Club representation at area council meetings, 100% of clubs competing in area speech contests and guiding 100% of the clubs to have formal club officer installations, which she too attended.  The passion and the commitment of TM Ramani was amplified by having to travel over 600 Km to Jaffna TMC,  224 Km to Anuradhapura TMC, 144 Km to Kekirawa TMC and 66 Km to Kegalle TMC for both ways.

TM Ramani Illangasinghe is passionate leader who is an ambassador of toastmasters to the area she was entrusted by having Newsletters, PR articles, roadshows and door to door campaigns to propagate the message of toastmasters in order to build membership and retention of clubs

Please join the Trio in congratulating TM Ramani Illangasinghe as the proud recipient of The Area Director of The Year 2016-2017 Award of prestigious District 82.