District Director’s Message


Happy New Year !!
You heard me right! Happy NEW year to all my Toastmaster Friend’s.

Welcome to a brand new year in the Toastmaster’s calendar.

With a new year come new resolutions and I am sure you all have taken a new one.

Before we get into resolutions, I want to thank you all, for making our district, one of the best Districts in the world (Probably No.1 as you read this message). In the 8 year history of District 82, this year we have surpassed many records, including the Maximum no. of distinguished clubs and the most number of Educational Awards. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor leading you all this past year as the Lieutenant Governor for Education and Training.

As I assume the office of the District Director (previously District Governor), I want to thank you for believing in me, yet again!

When I think of the trust you have placed in me and the faith you have in our organization, I realize the immense responsibility that I have taken up and I feel privileged yet humbled.

Every journey, they say, has a plethora of hidden destinations that reveal them to a seeking traveller. I believe that we, the members and leaders of District 82 are about to embark on a new journey together, a journey that can change our lives for the good.

So, what does this NEW beginning hold for us all?